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March 7, 2013

Ranger Engine Parts..
Piston ring sets ( 15 ) NOS Std, .005 .010 .020  Per set $ 100.00
Gasket sets ( 10 ) NOS $ 65.00 each
Main bearing sets ( 6 ) NOS $ 600.00 each
Conn Rod Bearings ( 36 ) NOS $ 30.00 ( pair )

24    Exhaust valves     NOS     $ 100.00
 30    Intake valves        NOS      $   37.50

There is a good chance I will have just about anything needed to overhaul an engine. Some parts are salvaged from engines I didnít rebuild, others are New Old Stock parts.

John Ellis  323 S. High St.  Jackson, MO  63755-2026  PH: 573-450-1676 



Jan. 29, 2013

Mark and Joe Denest at M.D. Aero told us to send you information about
some surplus p/n: 7760-20 Ranger Cylinders we have in stock.
I have attached several photos of one of them. I believe they are for
 the 6 cylinder Ranger 440 engine.

I think $100 per cylinder would be a fair price if they purchased a set of 6
For just one cylinder at a time the price would be $125 each
They are p/n: 7760-20
They are overhauled but there no yellow tags and they are with +20 steel barrels

 If interested, let us know.

Lance Aircraft Supply, Inc. is our website
phone: 800-752-4005
We are located in Dallas

Aeromatic Propellor

Aeromatic Propeller, Set for 165 Warner, Overhauled 2004 and Not Used Since,  Like New Condition.  $4500,  IL (815)509-9780, or




Dec. 12, 2002

For Sale

Large air inlet box that is on the right side of the engine that directs air for the engine cooling behind the cowling.

Asking $325.

D. "Sal" Salomon 845 565 6457



Nov. 1, 2012

1943 Fairchild PT-26.  Current Annual and Registration. Always hangared.
Spare engine on custom stand.  Another crankcase on stand with cylinders
removed. Includes all parts purchased during the past 35 years of ownership
by Richard Reich, Racine, WI.   Please call Charles Reich at 262-321-1086 for
more information.  Or email-


Below is information on my Fairchild that I am trying to sell.

 1939 Fairchild 24R-40 - WRECKED

The engine is a Ranger 6-440 (carburetor), works well.  The mags just
rebuilt, new wires and plugs, new alternator, new starter, 430 hours
on engine.  Engine alone is valued at $10,000 to $12,000.  The wings
have two good fuel tanks with good working fuel gauges and flaps.
Cockpit contains an intercom, GPS radio, and transponder.  All gauges
are new or rebuilt.  Cleveland brakes, new tires and the rear tire is
also new; these parts are valued at $8,000 to $10,000.  Asking $20,000
for entire plane, will consider all trades, let me know what you have.
 Email or call 615-793-7891. Thank you.  Harold G Pedigo

Below are current pictures
after wreak Pictures before wreak                                         



L & R cabin steps, PN 41578, 10" tail wheel hub, tire and tube for a F 24R46 Ray Middleton PH: 970-371-8942